Library at Sanjay Institute of Engineering and Management (SIEM), Mathura is popularly known amongst students as Knowledge Centre. It is a state-of-the-art library with the collection of wide range of books meeting the syllabus coverage of U.P.T.U. as well as the text book on the matching subjects written by national and International authors. These text books are referred by senior students while doing their thesis work in and 3rd and 4th years as well as MBA students during their final semester project work. Knowledge centre of SIEM has also got collection of rich literature where students and teacher refer very frequently as the content of information is written by worldwide famous Researchers, Authors and Scientists, knowledge centre has also got lot of case - studies reports of various disciplines in engineering and management which are used frequently for Thesis and Research & Development work. The knowledge centre of SIEM is kept open up to late working hour in the evening facilitating the residential students and teachers for preparing their teaching material as well as carrying out research in a very peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Total no. Of Volumes: 26,000+

Journals: 47+

Cds: 897+

E-Journals: e-literature.